Group Ticket Purchase

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Buy tickets for groups of 11 or more at discounted rates

If you are a group of 11 or more people, you may be eligible to purchase tickets for the Los Angeles Soul Music Festival at our special group rates. Please ensure you have a designated Group Coordinator, and that you have agreed your preferred purchase date(s) and seating area before contacting us about your purchase. Ticket prices & seat map

How it works

Application Form

The Group Coordinator contacts us with details of the group and desired concert ticket quantity and seating area.

Seats Reserved

We will process the request (including making note of the date you want your event tickets to be made available) and set aside the seat allocation for the group.

Code and Link Issued

On the selected date, we will email the Group Coordinator with a discount code and special link that can be used to purchase the event tickets within 72 hours.

Ticket Purchase

The Group Coordinator can either purchase all of the concert tickets for the group, or individuals can use the code to purchase their own event tickets.

Important information about group purchases

  • Group rates are designated for parties of 11 or more.
  • Tickets must be the same type and same festival attendance day(s) for all group members.
  • The group must designate a single person to act as coordinator in dealing with our box office.
  • When contacting the box office please be prepared to give us the following information: Group name, Group Coordinator, group size, dates of attendance, desired seating area, and your preferred alpha-numeric discount code (if applicable)
  • No seats for the festival will be reserved until the group is ready to purchase.
  • Discount code and purchase links will be active for 72 hours to allow group members to make their concert ticket purchase and take advantage of the group rate.
  • Group Coordinator may select the desired date they want the discount code to be active.

Request group tickets

You do not need your credit card or payment details at this stage, but you do need all group information.

Group Order Form

Ticket Resale Policy

You understand that the resale of tickets may be subject to state and local laws and regulations. Any violation of such laws may result in your prosecution by such agencies. Airborne Tickets LLC assumes no liability arising from your resale or attempted resale of tickets purchased through us. If you are found to be illegally re-selling, trading or brokering tickets that you purchased through this site for profit, we may, at our sole discretion, cancel your tickets order and/or all other pending orders in your name. This cancellation will result in a refund of the face value ticket price.