L.A. Soul Music - Bring Music To Life


Hi, I’ve always wanted to try participating in your events and music festivals but I end up missing the events. Can I ask how I can be updated? 


Hello, we appreciate your thoughts about joining us on our events and music festivals. If you want to be updated with the news and dates about the events, you can click the ‘news’ section of this website that is located on the top of the homepage. We post the updates and news in there so it will be good if you check that out. However, if you don’t want to miss anything. you can also share us your email address so we can notify you when we have news. 


Do you only do music festivals and shows in L.A or you also do these events in different states or countries? 


At first, we started these music festivals in L.A but as time passed by, many people also requested that we should visit other places too, so we did. But there are still some areas that we haven’t visited yet even though they are requested, we will make sure to visit them soon. 


Do you also post updates about the artists and singers that will be a part of your events or you keep it a surprise? 


We include the artists and singers on our news and updates since they capture most people’s attention. But sometimes, we only give hints to make it a surprise. 


Is it possible for me to make reservations for the seats and tickets? 


We didn’t let people do reservations in the past but we do now. You can reserve your seats and tickets but if you do not pay on time, your reservation will be neglected and the tickets will be made available for other people.